Income Tax 2.0 Portal: New online tax payment system, mobile app roll-out from TODAY

The new tax payment system and the mobile app on its advanced e-filing website will be activated on Friday, June 18. 

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) said in a statement earlier that “The new tax payment system will be launched on June 18, 2021, after the advance tax installment date to avoid any taxpayer inconvenience. The mobile app will also be released subsequent to the initial launch of the portal, to enable taxpayers to get familiar with the various features.”

The process of filing the Income Tax return will become more convenient now. The return filing process can be done from one’s mobile phone.

The income tax department of India earlier informed about this new development on its Twitter handle, saying income tax e-filing portal 2.0 will have an all-new mobile app also.  

Along with the new ITR e-filing portal, the mobile app facility also launched on June 7, 2021   

With phones widely used, the department has claimed that new IT return e-filing portal and the new mobile app will be easy to use for taxpayers. It will help taxpayers to gather information like ITR form, pre-filled income tax details, Saral income tax facility, refund claim and other facilities.  

The mobile app has various other features like Locate a Tax Return Preparer near you, Tools for calculating your taxes, ASK IT – A ChatBot, Tax Gyaan – A Game; and a lot more  

How to Install  

* The Department will SMS the installation link  

Install it from the Portal  

* Visit the new income tax e-filing portal 2.0  

* Click on Taxpayer Services 

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