Protect your Google account from hacking with an extra layer of security – Here’s how

Protect your Google account from hacking with an extra layer of security – Here’s how

As technology advances, it creates more opportunities for hackers to violate or invade our privacy.

Almost everyone has a Google account, and one question comes up in many people’s minds on a regular basis: “How can I keep my Google account safe from hackers?”

This is especially true when new cybercrimes are reported on an everyday basis. It’s simple to log in to multiple apps and services using your Google account, which is why so many individuals use their Google account for various purposes.

In regard to personal data, images, videos, and files, your Google account has all of your critical information. Although Google provides security for your account, there is another tool that may be used to add an extra shield of protection: Google’s 2-step verification.

2-step verification for Google accounts

Your Google account is password-protected, but it may not be enough. Enable 2-step verification on your Google account for a more secure login.

Once you’ve done this, Google will notify you whenever you try to sign in to a new device. It will also request your permission to log in.

For accounts that are vulnerable to targeted internet attacks, Google also offers a highly developed protection software.

What is the process?

The process of logging into your account will be slightly different. Signing in to Google, you’ll first normally enter your password. You’ll be asked for more details after that.

A code will be texted, voiced, or emailed to your phone via our mobile app. Likewise, if you have a Security Key; you can plug it into a USB port on your computer.

This additional layer of security will be provided by this security option. Even if the hackers figure out the password, they’ll need your phone or Security Key to have access to your account.

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