WhatsApp Multi-Device End to End Encryption to Launch in Coming Months: Report

WhatsApp is seemingly set to get end to end encryption for multiple devices as well, according to a recent post by WABetaInfo. The most popular instant messaging communication app in the world has held steadfast by insisting that end to end encryption is an industry standard practice that makes it secure from start to finish, and now, the feature may also be extended when multiple devices are linked to a single chat account as well. Taking to Twitter yesterday, WABetaInfo posted that the end to end encryption feature for WhatsApp will be available on multiple devices linked to one account, and that the feature should be made available to all users of the app within the next two months.

Interestingly, WABetaInfo recently claimed to have been a part of a three-way group chat on WhatsApp itself – within CEO Will Cathcart and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. As part of this conversation, WABetaInfo claimed that according to Zuckerberg, the company is seemingly looking to roll out a ‘Disappearing Mode’ feature, which will enable disappearing messages for a user on all of their conversation channels. He also seemingly spoke about a feature called ‘view once’, which will lead to a message disappearing the moment it is read once.

Through all of this, WABetaInfo claimed that all of these features are tied to the app’s focus on end to end encryption, and clearly, that happens to be tying into the end to end encryption support for multiple devices linked to a single chat account as well. WhatsApp has come under fire from legal authorities multiple times, including governments around the world, which have insisted that the company present a backdoor that would allow law enforcement agencies around the world use the platform to track down users in cases of legal infringements.

However, WhatsApp has maintained that the end to end encryption feature cannot be broken with a backdoor, and doing so would also lead to exposing the security of conversations on the app to the risk of cyber threats. With the encryption feature seemingly set to roll out in two months, it will be interesting to see what the app rolls out in the stable build updates in the coming weeks.

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