15 Latest Data Science Jobs To Apply Now

The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century, Data Science jobs have gained much popularity in recent years. For this week’s data science job roles, we have listed 15 latest job openings that just posted the past week.

Applied Research Engineer at LinkedIn

Location: Bangalore

Responsibilities: As a Research Engineer/Scientist, you will develop state-of-the-art vision algorithms to understand member posted visual content meaningfully. You will be instrumental in improving the efficacy of communication and content exchange between millions of LinkedIn members by developing cutting edge content understanding and classification algorithms. Also, you will be mentoring the junior research engineers in utilising advanced machine learning techniques for critical business problems.

Data Scientist – Machine Reasoning at Ericsson

Location: Bangalore

Responsibilities: As a Senior Data Scientist in AI Reasoning, you will build reasoning systems/frameworks for telecom that use the vast telecom knowledge base. You will run multiple projects with a focus on AI reasoning, work with huge datasets including petabytes of 4G/5G-networks, IoT and exogenous data, model the business problem statement into an AI problem, among others.  

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Data Scientist at DataWeave

Location: Bangalore

Responsibilities: As a Data Scientist at DataWeave, you will work with the team to build the core machine learning backend and structured domain knowledge needed to deliver insights through the data products. You will be applying the latest research in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning to hard problems in different domains.

Data Scientist, Machine Learning at Fractal

Location: Bangalore

Responsibilities: The responsibilities include the ability to understand a problem statement and implement analytical solutions & techniques independently with independently and proactively/thought-leadership, conduct research and prototyping innovations; data and requirements gathering; solution scoping and architecture; consulting clients and client-facing teams on advanced statistical and machine learning problems, etc.

Machine Learning Analyst at IDFC First Bank

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: In this role, you will understand the business objectives and develop models that help to achieve them, along with metrics to track their progress. You will be analysing the ML algorithms that could be used to solve a business problem and ranking them by their success probability, exploring and visualising data to gain an understanding of it, among others.

Data Scientist at Jio

Location: Hyderabad

Responsibilities: At Reliance Jio, you will be helping to build core India centric AI capabilities including speech understanding, natural language understanding, computer vision, search and discovery, recommendation systems, knowledge graph, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, etc. to power the next generation of the products and services in healthcare, agriculture, education and more. 

Data Scientist Associate at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: As a Data Scientist Associate, you will develop approaches for understanding each individual client and their behaviour to deliver highly impactful custom insights /consulting for a continually improved payment experience, develop, plan and execute analytical projects as an individual contributor and in teams and others.

Data Scientist at ShareChat

Location: Bangalore

Responsibilities: In this job role, you will be applying expert coding skills to develop scalable product features in partnership with others, apply best practices in big data processing to build feature stores, data pipelines, adapt deep learning algorithms to best exploit modern parallel environments, etc.

Staff Data Scientist at Walmart

Location: Bangalore

Responsibilities: In this role, you will analyse large data sets to develop multiple custom models and algorithms to drive innovative business solutions, work on large project teams in order to provide analytical support and guidance to an assigned area on for large projects, responsible for building large data sets from multiple sources in order to build algorithms for predicting future data characteristics, etc.

Data Science Engineer at NetApp

Location: Bangalore

Responsibilities: At NetApp, you will be responsible for the architecture, high-level design and development and implementation of software as web applications and software as a service on the cloud. You will be responsible for contributing and aligning to system-level application architecture that includes high-level design, coding standards, and development and testing of code. 

Data Scientist at Airtel Payments Bank

Location: Gurugram

Responsibilities: Your key responsibilities would include diving into the data and identifying patterns, development of end-to-end models and policy for our existing products, development of Fraud models and fraud rule engine, collaborating with various stakeholders to understand and design best solutions which can be implemented, etc.

Data Scientist at Levi Strauss & Co.

Location: Bangalore

Responsibilities: In this role, you will translate the needs of our cross-functional stakeholders into predictive models and actionable insights that will drive revenue and reduce cost, with emphasis on automation and business process improvement. You will develop analytical solutions / production-ready models that solve real business problems, taking account of business needs and technology/operations landscape, etc.

Data Science and Advanced Analytics Lead at Qualcomm Technologies

Location: Hyderabad

Responsibilities: In this role, you will develop a data science roadmap, assess existing Data Science capabilities, tools, technologies, organisation, resources, strategies, and architectures. Leading change that aligns these factors to the Data Science and Advanced Analytics vision, etc.

Product Manager (Data Science & AI) at Oracle

Location: Hyderabad

Responsibilities: As the Product Manager, you will bring to the position a high level of energy, a passion for learning new technologies while delivering excellent customer service, and the ability to serve as an expert in your specialised product and market. You will explore and define how the use of chatbots in particular Oracle Digital Assistant, integration with Oracle Analytics Cloud, among others.

Senior Analyst- Data Science at Accenture

Location: Bangalore

Responsibilities: In the Data Science team, you will manage and analyse data in order to build data-driven business insights and high impact data models to generate significant business value. This will involve creating models and processes to collect, distil and interpret data with a view to aid more informed decision making, examine and explore data from multiple sources, etc.

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