5 best photo editing apps for iOS, Android

5 best photo editing apps for iOS, Android

The camera technology used in smartphones has grown manifold nowadays with extraordinary primary cameras, zoom lenses, telephoto lenses to macro lenses. Massive camera bumps can be found on both iOS and Android devices to incorporate the hardware to improve the quality of pictures. Despite all the advancements in smartphone technology, there is still a high demand for photo editing apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Let’s take a look at few editing apps for Android and iOS that will help your photos look better on social networking apps like Instagram, Facebook, or just for your personal collection.


Adobe Lightroom app lets you control the details with selective edits. The impressive feature of this app is that you can apply a brush or enhancements, turn the figures in your photos into silhouettes. You can adjust the grain level and haze which can especially improve photos taken in low-light conditions. Adobe Lightroom is for people who are not just in casual photo editing. You can also up your Instagram game with the tools Lightroom provides you with.

Adobe Lightroom features in the editor’s choice on Google Play Store. It has over 100 million downloads with a 4.3 rating. Adobe Lightroom takes 79MB of your android device’s storage. It is ranked 13th in photo and video apps on Apple Apple Store with a 4.8 rating. On iOS devices, it takes 214MB of space.


If you are a foodie and like to post pictures of your food on Instagram this app is something you should definitely look at. Apart from the 30 filters like Yum, Positano, Tropical, Picnic, Foodie app also provides you with a guide to take top-down photos of your food. This is surely an app that sounds of the lot.

Foodie – Camera for life has over 10 million dollars with a 4.1 rating on Google Play Store. It takes 83MB of an Android smartphone’s storage. On the other hand, the app has a 4.7 rating on iOS and is 117.6MB in size.


The app lets your focus on specific areas of photos when you select ‘control points’. The one-touch filters are more user-friendly. It offers a wide range of filters like other apps as well. Some of the tools included in this app are RAW develop, HDR scape, tonal contrast, Electrolux and others.

Snapseed has over 100 million downloads with a 4.5 rating. It’s just 24MB in size. It is also one of the apps on the list that feature in the editor’s choice on Google Play Store. It has a 3.9 rating on iOS and takes 95.8MB of space.

Collage Maker

We often find ourselves searching for an app to make a collage for someone’s birthday, anniversary or other events. Collage Maker lets your choose from over 10,000 layouts available in various shapes and sizes. There is an abundance of grid layouts available and you can also choose animated collages easily. You can also make memes on this app.

It has a 4.5 rating on Apple App store and takes 246.1MB of space. However, it is not a hit on the Google Play Store with less than a 3-star rating after more than half a million downloads.


Users with entry-level smartphones should consider downloading this app as it does not take a toll on storage. More than 300 art styles are available in Prisma’s art filter library. It also releases a new art filter every day. Overall, it is an easy to use photo editor app. It got the ‘App of the year’ award in 2016 and was included in Editor’s choice on both platforms.

Prisma has over 50 million downloads with a 4.5 rating. Prisma also takes just 12 MBs of your smartphone’s storage which is the lowest in the list. It takes 63MB of phone’s storage on iOS devices and has a 4.7 rating.

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