Google Pay ‘Welcome 2020’ stamps: Here’s how to collect, win rewards up to Rs 2020

Google Pay has unveiled its ‘Welcome 2020’ stamps that users can collect to win up to Rs 2020. The seven new stamps form three layers of a cake and those who collect all stamps in a layer will be eligible for bonus reward. The seven stamps include balloon, DJ, sunglasses, pizza, selfie, toffee, and disco.

Google Pay’s balloon, DJ, and sunglasses form the bottom layer of the cake, while the layer above it has toffee, selfie, and pizza stamps. The top layer only has the disco stamp. “Complete any layer to earn your first bonus reward You’ll also get Rs 202- Rs 2020 when you collect all seven stamps,” the offer read.

Google Pay users can pay a business, Spot, or Google Pay user to earn one stamp per unique payee.  Another way to get new stamps is to do a mobile recharge of at least Rs 98 or bill payment of at least Rs 300. Users can also invite their friends to Google Pay to earn stamps. But do note that the stamp will only appear when that friend makes the first payment using your referral code.  Stamps can also be gifted or requested for.

It should be noted that call layers of the cake need to be completed before December 31, 2019 to get an assured gift from Google Pay. Assured gift will include scratch card worth Rs 202 to Rs 2020 by Google Pay. Meanwhile, bonus rewards on completing each layer of the cake can range from vouchers, scratch cards, and lucky draw tickets worth up to Rs 20 lac that users can choose.

Google Pay is also giving away assured toffee, DJ, and pizza stamps for when users pay a bill, recharge their mobile, and invite a friend to Pay who makes their first payment using their referral code  respectively. The assured stamps can only be earned between December 23 to December 31.



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