Delete WhatsApp if you don’t want your photos to be public: Telegram founder

The recent Pegasus attack on Facebook-owned WhatsApp have raised serious questions around privacy of WhatsApp messages including location details and multimedia files. WHile WhatsApp always boasts of End-to-end encryption, the recent Pegasus attack made WhatsApp users appear as sitting ducks. Pegasus was able to successfully exploit a vulnerability in WhatsApp and was able to plant its client for spying on users by simply giving ‘missed calls’ to its targets on WhatsApp. A couple of rings on WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers were all that was required for attackers to install the Pegasus agent in victim’s phone to spy on them.

Now, when it comes to snooping, it is expected that attackers have almost entire access to the victim’s phone. With regards to this, Telegram founder Pavel Durov just said that people should simply delete WhatsApp.

“Unless you are cool with all of your photos and messages becoming public one day, you should delete WhatsApp from your phone,” Durov said on his Telegram channel, according to a report by Forbes.

Recently, WhatsApp co-founder Brain Acton had shared a similar sentiment about Facebook and WhatsApp. He reaffirmed that people should logout and delete Facebook from their lives. Acton has always been vocal about this and while speaking at the recent Wired’s 25th anniversary summit, he continued to highlight the need to leave Facebook . “If you want to be on Facebook and you want to have ads thrust in front of you, go to town,” he was quoted in a report by The Verge.

This is not the first time he talked about deleting Facebook. Back in March 2018, he had tweeted ‘It is time. #deletefacebook’. This year in March, Acton told students to delete their accounts from Facebook during his talk at Stanford University. Acton attended the ‘Computer Science 181’ undergraduate course along with another former Facebook employee Ellora Israni. Israni is also the founder of She++.

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