This fake Samsung app is in more than 10 million Android smartphones

Google’ Play Store has millions of apps and games that Android users can download and use. While there are legit apps in the online marketplace, there are several fake apps as well that harm the device and maybe extract information as well. Understandably, monitoring millions of apps might be difficult for Google but that just proves how easily such apps can get through the initial process while making their way to the Google Play Store. One of such apps has made it to the Play Store and is currently on more than 10 million Android smartphones, according to a report by CSIS Security Group.

The app is being called as ‘fake’ as it is named as ‘Updates for Samsung’ and might easily fool users into downloading it considering the name. The app can still be seen as available on the Play Store. The report adds that the app not only shows ads but also gave users an option to download a Samsung firmware for $34.99. This process asked users to give their credit card information instead of letting them bill it through Google Play subscriptions. The app reportedly also lets you unlock any SIM for $19.99. That’s also without Google Play subscription.

Also said is that a user can search for their specific firmware in the ‘Download Firmware’ section of the app.

“The main “chunk” of the content for this app comes from it rendering a blog website updato[.]com on the main screen of the app. It features some news and android-related tutorials,” adds the report.

If your handset already has this app, it is highly recommended to uninstall it and use the typical way of updating the smartphone’s OS, which is by navigating through Settings > About phone and Software Update.



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