WhatsApp dark mode: What is it and why is it important?

WhatsApp dark mode has been in the works for quite some time. There were even the screenshots that found their way to the Internet to give us a glimpse of what the world’s most popular chat app will look like with night mode. For a very brief time, WhatsApp may have ditched plans to launch the dark mode, as per WABetaInfo, the credible source for information on the Facebook-owned app. But later, it refuted its own intel to say the dark mode is still on.

What exactly is dark mode and why does it matter a lot?

The answer to that question is hidden behind the fact that smartphone users are innately clinging to the display for everything, much less for chat apps. The screen, constituted of RGB pixels, emits blue light along with other hard and soft tints that affect human eye under prolonged use.

Instead of accepting the far unlikely situation of ruling out smartphones from human lives, the smartphone makers resorted to two methods – blue light filter and dark mode. The former is essentially a systematic colour profile that blocks blue light and lets other colours (wavelengths) pass to create a result that is often irritable, to say the least. Of course, it is bearable but only to the threshold where the screen begins to look jaundiced.

Dark mode essentially darkens the white background while nearly inverting the colour on the text and other elements on the screen. It is far better than the blue light filter as there is no distortion to the regular colour profile. Especially in the nighttime, the WhatsApp dark mode will soothe the eyes as the entire chat screen will be blackened while the text will be shown in white colour. Rest of the elements will be in the default green colour.

Not only WhatsApp, but there are also several other apps that have native dark mode available. Many smartphone manufacturers have already achieved developing dark mode for their custom skin much before Android Q, which natively introduces it, rolls out. Samsung and Vivo are among the brands that give the user the choice of switching to the dark mode among other functions.



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