Oppo to launch its first ever foldable phone at MWC 2019

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Samsung gave a first look of its ‘Galaxy X’ foldable smartphone at its developer conference.(Samsung)

2019 will be the year for foldable smartphones. Samsung has already paved the way for this technology with the unveiling of its foldable smartphone. Oppo has now confirmed that it will also showcase its foldable smartphone next year.

Oppo’s product manager, Chuck Wang confirmed the plans to a group of journalists in the Netherlands, LetsGoDigital reported. The confirmation comes shortly after reports of new patented designs acquired by Oppo for its new foldable phone.

One of the designs is similar to Samsung’s foldable phone which opens up like a book. The device takes the shape of a tablet when unfurled. Oppo also patented a somewhat radical design which has three screens. This patent shows a foldable phone which unfolds to show two more displays.

Another simple design for its foldable phone is one with airbag-like component on both sides. This will make it easier to fold and unfold the device multiple times.

Foldable smartphones will most likely be the highlight at MWC 2019. The Mobile World Congress (2019) will take place in February next year at Barcelona, Spain.

Other participants like Huawei are also expected to unveil its foldable smartphone which could see a June 2019 release. Huawei’s CEO Ken Hu was recently quoted saying that the company’s foldable phone “could replace a PC”.

Samsung could also use the platform to share more details on its foldable device. Galaxy X is rumoured to get an even earlier release in March. Before MWC, we could see a foldable phone at CES 2019 from LG.



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