Kerala nun rape case: Lies and no answers will trap blamed cleric, say police

The Kerala nun case is setting out toward a peak as the second day cross examination will be essential for assault blamed Bishop Franco Mulakkal for Jalandhar catholic bishopric.

While being flame broiled for 7 hours at Thrippunithura Crime Branch office, blamed Bishop was more hesitant and regularly assumed the job of a pure in the nun’s rape case. The cross examination will be proceeded with today.

As per a senior police official, the blamed over and again denied charges for rape and blamed the casualty for attempting to settle individual feud against him for making disciplinary move against her.

“His answers were hesitant and educated by lawful specialists. Some of the time he offered nitty gritty story on unimportant issues & incidents. When he was countered with particular inquiries, he was equivocal and watched quiet,” the police official disclosed to India Today.

The cross examination groups headed by Harishanker, Superintendent of Police of Kottayam & K Subhash, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Vaikom, flame broiled the charged with point by point survey for seven hours yesterday yet chose to proceed with the cross examination today.

The cross examination was recorded with five shrouded cameras coordinates with police headquarters. DGP Loknath Behera & IGP Vijay Sakhre investigated the advancement of cross examination. The cross examination group had dialogs with IGP Vijay Sakhre at Kochi and advised DGP about the advancement of cross examination.

“Today we are wanting to barbecue him strongly with confirmations. On the off chance that important, we may broaden the cross examination for more days,” the police official uncovered.

Harishanker, SP Kottyam, told media that police would “arrest the denounced in the wake of getting adequate evidences and cross examination will proceed”.

Amid the cross examination, the cleric said that he had “messaged his casualty with sexual tone messages from his mobile, yet the casualty altered his messages”.

Franco made admission with a ulterior thought process to make the confirmations (instant messages) given by the victim, prohibited in the court as it was altered or “created”.

At the point when the priest more than once denied ever raping the nun, police countered him with conditional evidences of his visit to the Kuravilangad cloister on May 5, 2014 where the casualty pious devotee was held up.

“At that point the cleric disclosed to us that he went there on his way, yet did not remain medium-term. Amid the examination, police grabbed guest’s journal of the community, and the driver has given an explanation that the priest remained at the religious circle,” the police official revealed to India Today.

As indicated by the senior police official, the gaps & lies in the statement will trap the charged.

“We are following logical cross examination systems and tweaking our poll to get evidences. We don’t anticipate that him will spill every one of the beans in a single day. We have enough persistence of tuning in to him,” the authority called attention to.

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