Check here for instructions to track your lost Android cell phone utilizing Google Maps

Have you at any point come to in to your pocket to haul out your mobile and understood that your mobile is missing? It’s that minute when that sinking feeling kicks in and you begin thinking about the most exceedingly bad. Imagine a scenario in which the mobile is stolen. Did you incidentally drop it some place? The end result for the information, pictures & contacts? Your mind begins hustling hard to review that one idea or the last minute, you’ve seen the mobile. Presently, it’s conceivable that you may very well recall in time where you kept your mobile or a good samaritan has kept it securely and you discover it immediately subsequent to approaching it. Notwithstanding, there’s a solid possibility that you may very well never discover your mobile.

While it’s normal to freeze at such a minute, luckily, much the same as Apple’s ‘Find My Phone’ include, Android cell phones also accompany ‘Discover Your Phone’ work. This component monitors every one of the spots and their areas you have chatted with your mobile. With the assistance of Google Maps, you would now be able to track the location of your gadget in the form of a timeline. Thinking about how? Simply follow these steps underneath


– Any other cell phone or PC with internet availability

– Login ID and watchword of your Google Account

Steps to take after:

1. Open on any cell phone or PC

2. Login utilizing the Google Account linked to your misplaced/lost cell phone


3. Presently, snap or tap on the 3-horizontal bar symbol on the upper right corner

4. Select ‘Your timeline’ choice

5. Here, you have to enter the Year, Month and Day for which you need to see the location of your gadget

6. Maps will now demonstrate to you the location history of your gadget alongside the present location

Note: For this component to work appropriately, your gadget must be switched on and must have the location services turned on.

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