Your WhatsApp messages stored on Google Drive will be less secure

WhatsApp is set to experience a major change. A couple of days prior we saw reports that the Facebook-possessed chat organization has banded together with Google and beginning November 12 all our chat backups will never again be represented a mark against our Google information storage. So essentially the entirety of our chat backups on Google Drive will be free from November 12. WhatsApp has additionally informed about this on its site.

In any case, the chat organization in a similar blog entry has additionally featured that media and messages put away as a backup on Google Drive won’t be encoded. WhatsApp claims that chats and media traded on its application are completely (end-to-end) encoded. In any case, chat backups on Google Drive would never again be scrambled once the free storage highlight takes off on November 12. This implies your information put away on Google Drive could be broken or hacked by the hackers.

“Media and messages you back up aren’t ensured by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while in Google Drive,” WhatsApp says in the blog entry.

WhatsApp’s new partnership with Google sets the WhatsApp application backups free from the constrained 15GB storage space on Google Drive. As of not long ago, WhatsApp data that were put away on Google Drive were meant something negative for the 15GB free storage offered on Google Drive. Beginning November 12, all of the information will be put away on Google Drive however not gobbling up the 15GB free storage.

WhatsApp has said that all the media & messages that are not invigorated into the Google Drive by November 12 will be erased. Let’s assume you have spared some WhatsApp chats one year back in Google Drive yet haven’t associated your WhatsApp to the Drive from that point forward. Those chats will be erased after November 12 except if you interface your WhatsApp to Google Drive again and revive your back up.

You need to manually associate your WhatsApp reinforcement to Google Drive. Your WhatsApp photographs and recordings are as a matter of course naturally put away in your telephone’s photograph application. Your chats are naturally supported up and spared every day to your telephone’s memory. This will keep on being available on your telephone, regardless of whether you associate your WhatsApp to Google Drive.

To back up your WhatsApp information on Google Drive, open WhatsApp and go the three dots on the upper right side. Now tap on Settings. Tap on Chats. Go to the backup option. You can see your last backup date here and furthermore back up your information.

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