Health Tips: Cabbage Can Help Reduce the Risk of Bowel Cancer

Eating vegetables has always been considered a healthy practice, but now there seems to be more reason to include them in your diet. Vegetables such as broccoli, kale and cabbage have been found to help reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

Assortment of cabbages on old wood background

The benefits of softwood were deduced by a team of researchers from the Francis Crick Institute in London. According to a report by the BBC, they discovered that anticancer chemicals are produced when the vegetable is digested. The group was essentially trying to figure out how to eat vegetables could change the lining of the intestines.

According to them, a chemical called Indole-3-carbinol is produced when you chew these vegetables. The acid in the stomach causes changes in the chemical later and also helps control the stem cells that generate the intestinal mucosa. “Make sure they are not overcooked, no soggy broccoli,” said Dr. Gitta Stockinger.

Like the skin, the surface of the intestines is constantly regenerating. The process takes four to five days. However, it must be controlled and controlled as it can cause inflammation of the bowel or cancer. Work published in Immunity has revealed that chemicals in softwoods are important in the process.

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