Imran Khan Can not Be a Nawaz Sharif For India, Says Former High Commissioner To Pakistan

As PTI chief Imran Khan seems to be on a relentless way to turning into the Prime Minister of Pakistan, previous Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan has said that the cricketer-turned-government official can’t be what previous PM Nawaz Sharif was to India.

“Nawaz Sharif has an individual conviction and a dream as far as how relations with India ought to be. Furthermore, that is something he has created more than two decades in administration. It will require investment for Imran Khan to really have that kind of conviction since he has not been in that situation previously,” said TCA Raghavan.

Addressing News18, Raghavan noticed that he didn’t see anything emotional occurring with India starting at now with Imran Khan turning into the PM. “There are odds of a coalition & there is presumably that he will be engaged in household issues,” he included.

Imran has, throughout his battle, blamed India for focusing on the Pakistani Army and discoloring its picture. The PTI chief had additionally blamed Nawaz for agreeing with India and working for its interests. Raghavan, be that as it may, rejected the announcements. “These announcements are extremely regular in Pakistan legislative issues. We need to isolate political talk from what he really does when he is in control,” he additionally said.

Fascinating would be, Raghavan included, to perceive what the restriction parties do. The inquiry stays concerning what they will do about the order that has turned out, the previous Indian High Commissioner said.

“Imran Khan can form a legislature by getting the free hopefuls on board. There is by all accounts a reasonable shot for that to happen. Be that as it may, what will the main restriction parties do? We need to sit back and watch,” he included.

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