Govt wants to adjust your AC temperature to 24ºC

The next air conditioner you buy could come with its default temperature set at 24 degrees Celsius. This will be done at the request of the Ministry of Power and with good reason. The ministry has asked air conditioner manufacturers to regulate the default settings of the units they manufacture to promote energy efficiency in the air conditioning sector. The movement also aims to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by air conditioners. The 24 degree Celsius level was suggested by the ministry based on a study by the Office of Energy Efficiency (BEE), according to an official statement.

“Each one-degree increase in air conditioner temperature control saves 6% of the electricity consumed,” RK Singh, a state minister, said in a statement from the ministry. He estimated that commercial establishments, hotels and offices waste energy by maintaining temperatures in the range of 18-21 degrees Celsius when the normal temperature of the human body is 36-37 degrees Celsius.

“It’s not only uncomfortable, but it’s unhealthy: setting the temperature between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius forces people to wear warm clothes or to use blankets, so it’s a waste of energy. regulation to keep the temperature at 28 degrees Celsius, “said the minister.

As of now, a notice has been issued to all establishments and manufacturers of air conditioners to maintain the default temperature between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. Targeted commercial buildings will include airports, hotels, shopping malls, government offices and buildings such as ministries and attached offices, state government offices and public sector enterprises. Manufacturers were also asked to label optimal temperature levels keeping in mind the financial and physical well-being of customers.

After launching an awareness program for a period of 4 to 6 months and conducting a survey to gather public comments later, the ministry will consider making the process mandatory. If all consumers adopt, this will result in savings of 20 billion units of electricity in a single year, the ministry said in its statement.

Given the current market trend, the total connected load in India due to air conditioning will be 200 GW by 2030 and this could increase further as, today, only about 6% of households use air conditioners. informed the BEE. The total capacity of the air conditioner installed in the country is estimated at TR 80 million (ton of refrigerator), which is expected to reach TR 250 million by 2030. Given this huge demand, it is estimated that 40 million electricity can be saved every day by adjusting the air conditioner temperatures.

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