EPF Advance, partial withdrawal rule: how much you can withdraw

EPFO or employee promotion fund organization gives subscribers the possibility to partially withdraw or transfer funded funds in some cases.

EPFO subscribers can proceed from the EPF deposit for the purpose of buying / constructing a house, repaying a loan, receiving wages for two months, marriage of self-employed / daughter / son / brother, family care etc . For each type of partial withdrawal / advancement, the amount is different and the employee must meet certain criteria to qualify for advancement. It can also be canceled in advance / partially online via the EPFO ​​member portal. Here is the details:
Advance purchase including purchase of housing / rental housing, construction of housing including site acquisition

The EPFO ​​allows members to withdraw basic wages and DAs for purchase of land for 24 months. In the case of purchase of housing / flat / construction, the base wage and DA for 36 months, or the sum of employees and employers, the lower of either the interest on the housing / building or the total cost. To make use of this advancement, you must be a member of EPFO ​​for at least 5 years. Employees can withdraw only once for this purpose in their entire employment. Apart from declarations from employees, no other documents are required to process this pre-application. Likewise, an employee can take a loan for improving / repairing him or his spouse or an existing house owned by a co-owned property.

Partial withdrawal of repayment of borrowings by special exception

The EPFO ​​can withdraw the total of employees and employers with basic wages and DA for 36 months or the sum of interest or principal balances that minimized repayment of borrowings in special cases. You must be an EPFO ​​member for at least 10 years in order to make use of this advancement. To apply for this partial withdrawal, the employee needs a certificate from an agency that shows excellent principal and interest.

Progress in special cases

For special purposes such as establishment lockout / closure, if you become unemployed without compensation or your employees have not received wages for more than two consecutive months (for reasons other than strikes), the EPFO I will move forward to that member. For this purpose, employees can withdraw their contribution amount along with accumulated interest on that amount. No special membership period is necessary for this progress. For this purpose, you need a certificate from your employer.

If the member challenges the dismissal / trial, you can withdraw up to 50% of your contribution for this special purpose.

EPF moves forward for the treatment of disease

Employees can be discharged within 6 months of the basic and DA or the full amount thereof, at the very least for treatment of their illness and family. No specific membership period is necessary for this purpose.

Progress of marriage EPF

For the purpose of self / daughter / son / brother / sister marriage, EPFO ​​members can draw 50% of the interest with concern. To apply for this progress, you must be an EPFO ​​member for at least seven years.

EPF progress for son / daughter’s higher education

The EPFO ​​can withdraw 50% of the stocks of employees interested in research after the child entrance. . To apply for this progress, you must be an EPFO ​​member for at least seven years. In order to use this course, it is necessary to submit a certificate concerning estimated expenses from the course of research and facility manager.

Withdrawal of EPF within 1 year before retirement

At the earliest of 54 years old and within 1 year of retirement / pension receipt, whichever is later, the EPFO ​​member can partially refund 90% of the cumulative amount of EPF before retirement.

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